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Mr. Schuman managed to once again gather some of the most stylishly influential menswear personalities of the moment for dinner. This time around, John Malkovich made it to this highly acclaimed tier of gentlemen who share a passion for portraying a well curated image…

Part of the problem I have with tumblr menswear bloggers and most guys who blog menswear in general is that they look like they’re wearing their father’s clothes.  Not in an age sense, but in an awkward going-to-prom sense. 

The difference between a lot of men and these ones is that the guys in this video not only know what looks interesting, they know what looks good on them personally.  More importantly: they wear these clothes like they were born in them.  They’re as comfortable as if they were wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  Follow the rules all you like, push boundaries and read articles, or save up for more and more expensively tailored suits, it doesn’t matter.  You have to be confident and comfortable in yourself, whatever you’re wearing, wherever you are.