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Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Snape but it was Quirrel
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Draco but it was Ginny
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was was Sirius but it was Wormtail
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Karkaroff but it was Moody/Crouch Jr
Harry Potter and the Year everyone knew it was that B*tch Umbridge
Harry Potter and the year it actually did turn out to be Snape
Harry Potter and the Year it turned out to be Harry all along



how many women become mothers and realize they entirely fucking hate being perpetually responsible for some loud, messy, totally helpless ugly thing but know they can’t actually express that and it’s too late to back out so they just sit there feigning smiles for the next few decades and gushing about the joys of motherhood to whoever will listen so maybe they can fool themselves into believing it isn’t horrible

just saying

This is why I’m not having kids.

"You know nothing of the human capacity for evolution"



It’s important to your interpretation of this entire arc that you understand this:

Netero defeats Meruem by using a miniaturized suicide bomb.  The human capacity for evolution referred to here is not necessarily a positive attribute.  If humans beat the ants, it is not because they are morally better, it is because of their inventive methods of cruelty.

Yes! I have always been really disappointed in how this line is usually translated. In the manga, Netero’s words are “人間の底すら無い悪意(進化)” (where 進化(shinka/evolution) is put as the reading for 悪意(akui/malice)), which could be directly translated as "You know nothing of humanity’s bottomless capacity for malice/evolution".

I suppose I might’ve liked to see it translated as … darn i’m still thinking of a good way to say it…(i dunno what viz’s official translation is, if anyone has that volume would you let me know?) 

This is a very crucial line because it points right to the Miniature Rose atomic bomb as being a perfect example of both humanity’s profound ingenuity and its equally-profound capacity for monstrous brutality. (Yo, check how I said monstrous like are we really much better than these monster-ants haha ho)

This is actually exactly how nuclear bombs are viewed in our world! As a pinnacle of human ingenuity that has been harnessed into the ultimate mass-killing device. 

I’ll give the anime a pass though, because the manga uses wordplay that’s actually impossible to pull off in anime the same way. (The anime just uses the word for ‘evolution’: 人間の底すら無い進化)

BUT TO QUOTE NIETZSCHE (ja i’m goin there suckers): "When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back"

HAHAHA LIKE HOW when looking at the chimera-ants, humanity is reflected back.

(shit dude i could go on for another 2000 words you think im playin)

but i have quoted Nietzsche that’s as far as im going today

No Game No Life

So very funny, and yet an uncritically accurate representation of an elitist dickbag gamer teenage boy’s sexist fantasy world.

And a loli imouto just in case the intended audience wasn’t clear.


Sexism is making me tired of the world lately.

And the only anime that’s any good this season is the shounen, specifically Yowapeda, HxH, Haikyuu!!, and Ping Pong.

This sucks

Everything sucks

Life sucks


I’m skipping work today to do “research” because I have NO WORK TO DO.  This job is so fucking boring, I swear to god, why are they paying me so much money to be here.